BEST Budapest




BEST Budapest

LBG Budapest was established at the Budapest University of Technology in 1989, as one of the founding members of the international organization. Due to the constant growth of the local group nowadays our courses and engineering competitions are organized by about 50 volunteer members.

In 1992 LBG Budapest organized the first Jobfair at the Budapest University of Technology and in 2007 our Engineering Competition was the first of its kind in Hungary. We were proud to held the 1-week General Assembly of BEST in April, 2009 with the participation of 250 people. In 2010 a new kind of event, the Trainers’ Forum was hosted first time by our LBG. During this conference trainers of 15 different student organizations gathered and shared ideas. In April 2011 we hosted the Central European BEST Engineering Competition. Besides we regularly arrange motivation weekends and we visit other LBGs every year and also host students from another BEST Group as cultural exchange.

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